Ready the Way

I have learned that my out of state kids are not coming for Christmas, which is the right behavior for the pandemic but it’s still making me a little sad.

I have four local grandchildren and their parents, all of whom plan to join for some part of the traditional festivities. I have just about zero chance of being all alone on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, and I have no room to complain.

So I am not complaining. However, I am bringing you a really bland song today.

Readying the way of the Lord is another common theme for Advent, right up there with waiting on the Bridegroom. This song is “Ready the Way” by Curtis Stephan. It’s an inoffensive meditational little tune for some more words from Isaiah 40.

Ready the way

Curtis Stephan

Ready the way, ready the way,
ready the way of the Lord.
Ready the way, ready the way,
ready the way of the Lord.

Make straight the road,
raise the valleys, and mountains make low.
Turning from sin, let the broken be whole,
and ready the way of the Lord.

As we wait for you,
give us the strength to walk in your truth,
so we may love more like you
and ready the way for you, Lord.

Let us see your face;
in our hearts we prepare a place.
Come bring this world
your mercy and grace,
as we ready the way for you, Lord.

I am continuing with my holiday preparations, because why not? I think I placed my last holiday mail order, though I have thought that before. I hope to make some serious progress on wrapping the Christmas gifts. I hung the stockings yesterday and made raspberry-chocolate cookies.

There must be one more rolled-out cookie, because I plan to do the weird Sprinklepop cookie-cupcake hybrid dessert.

I realize they may not be edible, but I am determined, and they seem to require round cookies, of which I have none. Maybe snowflakes would work.

Anyway, they will require some awesome cut-out cookies, or maybe snickerdoodles. Yeah, that could work.