I want to make it clear — immediately – that I don’t agree with this poster. For children, maybe, but grownups should not expect special treatment because they’re introverts. Nor do I, as an introvert, feel that I need any of these things. I am posting this with intentional irony. But I am feeling the need for some introvert time.

I enjoyed my trip to Indianapolis and found it educational and inspiring. It was immediately followed by a tooth extraction and recuperation from that, which was more of a big deal than I had expected it to be. Since then I’ve had interesting meetings, family fun, lengthy errands involving people, and social or community events every day, and I have two such things today as well. I’m looking forward to two road trips in the next couple of months. The weather has been beautiful and I’ve been productive at work.

Here’s what I have been missing out on: time by myself. I did have some hours alone in the hotel room in Indianapolis, actually, and I had an evening alone last week. The fact that these events stand out so clearly in my mind shows that I haven’t had enough time on my own. Looking back through my planner, I see that the last time I had some extended alone time was 6 weeks ago.

I don’t think I write about that all the time. I hope not, since whining about being an introvert and therefore needing alone time is apparently so common that it has become a grave source of internet irritation.

I have even improved my attitude toward meetings and appointments a lot. It used to be that three appointments in one week was by definition a bad week. Now I have weeks on end with 7 or 12 or 15 appointments/events/meetings and enjoy them. But I think I need to schedule some down time.