I had too many plans for today. I wanted to finish up the HGP Master Bedroom Week by cleaning up the bedroom’s nightstands, closet, and drawers, and also getting a meal in the freezer and working on Christmas presents.

I wanted to work on my SWAP, too. And finish some reading.

I did get a nice container of beef stew into the freezer and I have the presents for the week wrapped and labeled.

I started the day with a bit of work and then headed out to get the broth for the stew. My husband said I should get the staples for the Vine staple gun. I passed the Evil Palace of Books on my way back from Lowe’s, though, and ran into a friend. We chatted and bought books and then I went home and got the stew into the slow cooker.

And there I was with a loaded staple gun. So I took my office chair apart.


My husband helped me staple fabric onto the chair cushions.


Then I sewed up the back cushion and put the chair back together.



It looks great.


Our A/C is out, and by the time I finished I was dripping with sweat. I did my Wii Fit steps, but beyond that it was just too hot to move.

I did at least tidy my nightstand, when it cooled off a bit after dark. Behold the before and after pictures:

Knitting and reading and catching up with The Mysteries of Laura. That’s how I spent the rest of the day. It was nice, in a very overheated way.