I undid and redid the waistband and the hems of the pants I was making, and I think they will be nice for spring, though I definitely haven’t solved the mystery of the waistband. At this point, I did not want to deal with the waistband question again, so I put off the skirt. Instead, I cut a bright blue linen blouse.


It’s Butterick 5610, view A, a TNT pattern I like to sew and to wear.

The SWAP system has lots of rules — enough to provide the constriction that encourages creativity — but there is one sensible rule which I usually ignore. You should plan to make mostly TNT patterns for your SWAP, where TNT means tried and true. These are patterns for which you’ve already done the fitting and the figuring out, so you know you will actually be able to make and wear them.

Not, you notice, patterns which you have to make repeatedly in order to figure out the waistband.

Spring SWAP 2014 progress:

  1. gray jacket — not yet cut
  2. violet top — cut and sewn
  3. green top– cut and sewn
  4. blue top — cut
  5. cream top — not yet cut
  6. orchid top — cut and sewn
  7. orchid skirt — cut and sewn
  8. gray skirt — not yet cut
  9. gray pants — not yet cut
  10. sand pants — cut and sewn
  11. sand skirt — cut

Pretty good! At this rate, I can spend a long time on the jacket and still finish in the spring.

I did not, however, frog the scarf and begin it again as a shawl.