Our organist took the rehearsal this evening, so I’ve worked with three different conductors this week. I’m also reading Life, Death, and Cellos, so I’ve had more opportunity than usual to think about rehearsals. The novel has truly funny descriptions of rehearsals all the way through.

The organist understands music deeply and brings out insights for us that make a difference in how we sing. She also asks us to sing the love of Jesus, to think about singing to the shyest person in the congregation, and other rich approaches to connecting the sound with our emotions.

The regular church choir director has a laissez-faire approach. It makes me think he has low expectations for us. He says, “Make it… prettier”with a brisk T sound. He reminds us of consonants. He’s jolly and fun.

The Master Chorale director gives us information about the theory, the composers, the historical milieu. He leads us in exercises. I like all that.

Any of these approaches can result in a good sound.