I went to rehearsal last night for a play we’ll be doing as a fundraiser for the youth of our church. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a play before. I’ve read them, taught them, attended them, but not performed in them.

Basically, I hope not to be terrible.

It was an interesting evening and I think it will be an intriguing new experience. I have lots of experience of public speaking and musical performance, so I don’t have trouble with stage fright. I have few lines, so I should be able to memorize them.

My week had a lot of appointments even before it started. At this point, I’ve had eight, plus church. What have I given up to make room for all this human contact? Exercise, eating right, needlework, sleep.

So this weekend I am sewing up the Baby’s Easter dress and getting back to my knitting and generally enjoying a rainy weekend on my own.