3130454_02 I’m very partial to Resphigi and we’re singing his Laud to the Nativity in Master Chorale this season. We’re singing it in English, so we get to sing as dirty shepherds fearful that we might smutch the infant Jesus.

We had a nice Back to School and seeing out friends again after the summer interlude, and then we did a lot of vocalises, which was quite relaxing. Then we sang through the shepherds’ chorus and the angels’ chorus, during which I got hopelessly lost.

Like, I couldn’t tell what page we were on.

I’m going to listen to recordings quite a bit. This piece is so gorgeous that I would want to anyway.

Also today I received a review copy of a Christmas cookie cookbook. I must try out some of the recipes in order to review them, and I may go ahead and put them in the freezer — it’s a little too early for Christmas, but just right for Thanksgiving. There is a faux baklava recipe, recipes made with gluten-free Bisquik, and a recipe involving Jell-O powder. Exotic stuff. La Bella offered to help bake up some for the Chorale and we then got on to thinking about a cookie exchange. That’s a fun custom and I haven’t been to one in years.

So I guess I’m in the right frame of mind to move on toward the fall and the holidays — notwithstanding the sweltering heat.