I have a pattern. I live a well-conducted life, with beneficial morning and evening routines and a good eat-move-sleep balance, until something happens. I take a trip, we get super busy at work, some health issue arises, whatever, and I get off track. Then I work hard to get back on track.

Off track spells can consist of summer, or a holiday season — they can, in other words, be long. Most recently, I had a couple of months of intensively busy time with lots of human contact. I got back to a normal situation a month ago, and have had plenty of human contact and busy days but also time off and routines for a month now.

But I haven’t really been where I need to be for eat-move-sleep. Average sleep time has been less than 7 hours a night. I’ve been snacking and even occasionally eating junk food. I’m doing fairly well on morning no-excuses exercise, but only fairly well. 3-4 days of cardio and 1-2 of strength training.

Not bad, but not really back on track.

I’ve also had some joint pain and foot cramps bad enough to wake me up and keep me up.

So I plan to take July for a reset. The New Baby will arrive and perhaps jumble things up a bit, but otherwise, July is pretty clear. I hope to take a long weekend for Independence Day. Otherwise, nothing out of the ordinary.

I’ll be a little bit selfish and put a little time into self-care. I’ll be a little bit disciplined and get out of the snacking habit.I’ll see whether those changes improve the pain situation.

That’s the plan.