#2 daughter needed to replace her eyeliner, so we went to Ulta and then to the Savoy Tea Room for lunch. It turned out that they have taken up an All French Toast All the Time menu. Accordingly, we bought some Gentleman and a Scholar tea for #1 son and a tea set for the Baby, and headed out to find something more lunch-like.

We had the good fortune to encounter Vetro 1925, a marvelous restaurant with really delicious food. We enjoyed our lunch and got back to work with verve. The leftovers made an excellent dinner, and then I headed off to choir.

My voice shuts off completely sometimes. I still have a cough, too. I suppose it’s allergies. I’m very tired of it, though.

To the extent that I can, I’m joining in the singing. We’re working on Maya’s Prayer, Randall Thompson’s Alleluia, and Psalm 148 by Gustav Holst. Lovely stuff.

It’s being a lot of fun to have #2 daughter to work with. We’re eating together as well, also nice, and watching Netflix and knitting in the evenings. Got our planners done, too.