We stopped working early Friday and went to check out a venue for #2 daughter’s wedding.

It’s a historic building in our town.

We went up to our church, too, so they could see the options there.

We have good indoor and outdoor spaces.

I would like it if they held the wedding there, for sentimental reasons. We’ll see.

I was back at the church for the elders retreat an hour later. And then back again for more of the same today.

It was a good retreat. I left with lots of ideas for the ministries I’m on, and a nice long to-do list.

Now I’m home working on Chimera.

My blood sugar was good last night and this morning, but I took it twice more — before and after lunch — and it was okay and then too high on those occasions. I’m trying not to panic when it goes out of range, but rather to treat it as data.

I had a whole-wheat English muffin, eggs, fruit, and yogurt for breakfast. I had more fruit and a bite of pastry at the retreat. Lunch was pizza and salad, and that I guess pushed me over the edge.

Dinner should probably be fish and salad. But I am actually hungry and looking forward to dinner. My food box arrived, with pork chops and vegetables, chicken and potatoes, and the makings of cheeseburgers.

Without Metformin, I am hungry and food tastes good. I’m being very restrained — but I also weight 105 pounds. I should take advantage of my renewed interest in food to get back to a healthy weight. Without increasing my blood glucose.

It’s a balancing act.