I had tried some planner printables and confirmed my initial feeling that they would be an unsatisfactory experience — poorer in quality than store bought, more time-consuming, and not necessarily a savings.

Then I received a printer for review, and needed something to print out. So I went out and bought some sticker paper (Avery, at Hobby Lobby) to solve the adhesives problem.

One thing I’ve learned from my planner testing is that I’m not nearly as faithful with my good habits as I think I am. So I bought a printable “5 a Day” sticker at Etsy, downloaded it, and printed it out.

My cutting is not as precise as ready-made, and the edges show borders inconsistently. However, the sticker is well stuck down on the planner. The design cost $3.00 and the sticker paper itself is about a dollar a sheet, plus the ink which is quite expensive, so it’s no bargain — but I can print out more without buying the design again, and I didn’t pay shipping, so over the long run it could be a significant savings.

It also provides instant gratification.


At this point, I still had quite a bit of sticker paper, so I printed out some more designs. Vintage Glam Studio seems to be the best online source, and you can see several of her designs above. I used one to set up what I have learned is a basic Happy Planner layout, which you can see below.


My imprecision is pretty noticeable, and it took me about an hour to accomplish this fairly unimpressive feat. Not counting all the time involved in looking for the printables.

I might improve, of course. And the printer did a good job of printing out the colors. I think that things like the to-do checklist boxes would be a savings; in order to put to-do checklist boxes on each day, I’d need to print out two pages of this design, but I could also get a full page of those boxes in some versatile color and print out a steady supply for a dollar a week in sticker paper and some uncertain amount for ink.

So if you have or are willing to develop the skills and have lots of free time, printable stickers could work out well.