Here’s my road trip knitting: the back of Delish, on the left, and the whole body of Lady Gansey on the right. I had intended to get 14.5 inches — the correct length to armscye for me — knitted on each. I finished up that last inch on Delish last night, so I’m there.

Naturally, I had to replace the yarn I knitted up and refill my stash. Here’s a Chimera’s worth of half silk/ half wool in “Fairy Trumpet Flowers.”


Below, Lambspun organic cotton in “Copper Mallow Flowers,” and is that not the most charming color name ever? Tucked in on the left is a couple of yards of Cascade Rustic, now discontinued. This makes me wish I had bought all 5 of the skeins they had, which is absurd. On the right, a lovely russet skein the details of which I have forgotten. I also bought the Owl Hat Pattern, and I may make some of those for Christmas. In fact, I rather think that I will be making hats for Christmas, along with embroidered objects… I haven’t yet decided what sort.


In any case, now that I am home I should get back to quilting, but I rather want to finish up these sweaters, too. Maybe a schedule: M and W, Delish; T and Th, Lady Gansey; F, S, and S, quilt.