We left yesterday after work and drove through Oklahoma before stopping for the night at a motel. We had the hotel breakfast and headed out at 6:00 a.m. We cut across a corner of Texas and went into New Mexico. The first time we got out of the car was at Tequila’s Restaurant in… nope, no idea. Google doesn’t help, either. Somewhere with mesas, as seen in the photo above.


There was snow on the ground, as you can see in this photo, with the Good ol’ Boy for perspective.

At this point my phone died, and I took no more pictures.

They would not have been good pictures anyway, because after this we went to a car dealership for hours. And hours.

We got into Ft. Collins around 9:00 and had delivery pizza and good conversations with #2 son and then dropped into bed. Or at least that’s what I did.

One more event took place. The Good Ol’ Boy was doing 70 in a 40 mile an hour zone. The police naturally pulled him over. The officer took one look at me knitting sweetly in the back seat and let us go with a warning.

The value of knitting.