We’re heading out in a couple of days to #2 son’s stomping grounds. We went on precisely this road trip last year, so you would think we would be completely prepared. There was a time when I would have had a precisely calibrated packing list and a detailed  journal entry for each day.

This time I don’t even have receipts.

None of us remember what we spent or what we packed or anything. So we are essentially starting over, but this year I’ll keep good records in case.

So far we have chosen the books (me, with suggestions from the Digital Mastermind) and the food (#1 son and me).


  • A Walk through the Woods
  • You2
  • Street Smarts

Plus of course a Kindle full of light mystery novels.


#1 son’s list:

  • turkey
  • swiss
  • baguettes
  • tomato
  • avocado
  • sprouts
  • Dijon mustard
  • almonds
  • carrots
  • apples

My additions

  • granola bars
  • boiled eggs
  • cashews
  • cherries
  • chocolate
  • tea

Then I figure we need clothing, hiking shoes, and chargers, a camera and memory card, and perhaps some toiletries.

Gas card, money, map printed out (we learned last time that we can’t trust Siri), glasses and sunglasses, allergy medicine. Water. Disposable forks and spoons. That does it, right?