xs-hero-1 When my husband was visiting his brother in California over the holidays, he discovered Roku. His brother had one, and was able to watch TV in his native language.

I bought one of these marvels for my husband, and it arrived today.

My husband has been watching the Lao shopping channel. The Lao karaoke channel. The Lao news channel. The Lao music request line. The Lao channel with singing dolphins wearing red glasses. That one had a very complex story line involving cartoon crabs, a nurse, and many deep emotions, plus a motorcycle on the beach and kickboxing. I didn’t catch the point of that but I think it might have been a soap opera.

I have been registering things: Daily Burn, Netflix, Amazon streaming video…. It takes a few minutes for each, but it’s worth doing. Then I had to add channels: TED talks, MIT Open University, stuff like that.

My husband also wanted to add the Dog Channel. This is a special channel for dogs to watch when they’re home alone, and I am not making that up. It costs $9.00 a month.

We did not indulge in Dog TV.

So, yeah, ROKU is pretty cool. I intend to try Daily Burn there tomorrow.