I spent most of Saturday knitting the lovely klompelompe rompers. #1 daughter brought the Littles over to play and we made some bread.

But mostly I was knitting. Binge-watching House and getting in the inches. Granted, I should have been making Christmas presents. It is the end of Guest Room week on the Holiday Grand Plan. Time to decorate for Halloween and turbo-charge the gifts.

But I have to get the rompers finished before they’re too small for the baby. That’s all.

Now here’s something awesome. I fell in love with this sweater from the Trompelompe Jul book.

I made all efforts to buy the book, including putting it into my cart at the Norwegian website, but they don’t sell it.

It looks like they sell it, but I assume there is some cross-cultural communication confusion going on. The point is, I really tried to buy the pattern.

Through obsessive searching, I found the stitch chart online.

I will be making this sweater. And probably the deer version as well.

But the Christmas gifts first, of course, although this could be a Christmas gift for the Baby. Probably not, though. No way could I make that in a week.

Is there a moral issue? Do I get to use the chart for free because I was able to find it? Because I tried to pay for it? Because I bought their English-language book? I am not sure. However,  I know that I am going to do it.