I got up way too early this morning and I did not feel like working, so I tackled my son’s erstwhile bedroom. He took it over while he was here for Christmas break, and it was just as he left it.

A couple of hours got it back in shape.


It’s not decorator styled, but it is pretty and reasonably tidy, with orderly storage and a quilt on the frame.


The daybed is now a nice spot to knit and read in and here is the blue mohair.


I like Old Shale in this, though I think I may have the right amount of yarn for a shawl rather than a scarf.


It also has a place to sew while watching Netflix. Accordingly, I made good progress with a couple of tops.


I rinsed them out and let them dry to combat the wrinles they had developed while sitting and waiting for me to get to them, and I actually finished the purple one. The green one has to hang overnight before hemming.

A pleasant day. I talked with some of my kids, did the grocery shopping, cleaned a little bit… but mostly I was in the sewing room. It felt like a productive day, but also a relaxing one.