Nausea and vomiting again this morning. I haven’t had that for a while. I was sick to my stomach last night, with sickness that woke me up. This morning I lost my breakfast.

Is it sugar substitutes? Metformin?

I was also light headed. I got out of bed and had to sit down.

Just yesterday I was feeling so grateful that I was feeling well and like my old self again.

No exercise today, either.

I had a mammogram. It didn’t hurt.At this point, I have to admit that a lot of health care experiences have surprised me by not being painful when I thought they would. Maybe there is a lesson there.

I got a lot of work done and met my work goals for the day.

I’m nearly finished with the Alice sweater. Then I’ll get back to Chimera. But I am still thinking about what to knit next… and swatching.