I met up with #1 son and his crew at the fabric store today and bought the makings of the Little Boy’s quilt and their laundry room curtain. They took me to lunch and then I came home, did a bit of housekeeping, and sewed up their curtains.

I’m not experiencing much pain any more, but there’s certainly swelling. I tossed the narcotics and took it easy most of the day, sticking to soft foods and not “stooping and bending,” as the hygienist said. By Monday I should be back to my normal routine.

Speaking of which, I’ve just about perfected my morning and evening routines, except for a couple of things. The main one is dressing like a grownup. I’m reading Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life: Because You Can’t Go Naked by George Brescia. He calls on his readers to use a fresh blank notebook for the journaling he recommends, and I’ll go along with that.

Today I left my house in the same thing I wore yesterday (I had staff meeting and lunch with #1 son and #1 daughter) and a half hearted swipe of lip gloss and mascara. I happened to meet up with my son, who won’t hold it against me, but it could just as easily have been a client.

And holding it against me isn’t the point. looking made up and polished sometimes makes us look like we have it together… sometimes. So I’m going to work on this item for May.

I had my spring wardrobe for the conference and I also have a good summer wardrobe, I think. Vine has been sending me capri pants in multiples and I have camp shirts in linen and in silk, and I also bought several pairs of sandals and a pair of espadrilles. Any time I don’t need to put on the businesslike gear from my spring SWAP I should be fine with capris, camp shirt, and sandals.

I am going back to proper eating and exercise as soon as I recuperate fully from my dental adventures, so I hope to shrink a bit more by fall and enjoy a fall SWAP this year, too. Closing down the kitchen and screens on time is the other part of my morning/evening routines that I definitely need to work on, and that should also help.