chair1 Yesterday began with me trying to get all the blog posts in before class, since I teach 9-12 and then had two meetings to follow. I was not successful, but I had to head out for class and meetings anyway. I didn’t get the social media posts set up before class, either.

So I went to class without having gotten my work done, but I enjoyed the class. Then I went to #1 daughter’s new home, which is charming. They’re getting it all beautifully decorated and little Dax loves having a yard.

#1 daughter and I had quite a bit on our agenda, but we looked all around her house and went to Mimi’s Cafe for lunch and with all that we only had time to discuss our staffing issues before I had to leave for my next meeting.

Following that meeting, I got back to the blogs, with numerous interruptions, and didn’t get my own company blog done before #1 son needed me to help him aquire a book for class. We went to the Evil Palace of Books and did not find the book he wanted, but I bought a new paperback —

Why, you must be wondering, did I buy a paperback when I a) own a Kindle and b) have dozens of books I’ve been given for free to review? Well, there was a new Byerrum out and I always enjoy those and sometimes you want to read for fun. That’s why.

Anyway, we bought that book and then went and picked up a sauceless chicken and veg pizza and took it home. chair2

After dinner, we put together the new office chair that arrived yesterday. It’s not Fine Furniture, and I wouldn’t expect it to be at the price I paid for it, but my husband and I managed to get it put together. #1 son is not handy, and he gave up early on, and my husband expressed disgust at the shoddy workmanship of the thing throughout the process of putting it together, but I think there is a time and a place for cheap furniture, and the chair that someone sits in for an hour twice a month or so is surely that time and place.

I have to work today — obviously, since I didn’t even get all the blogs written yesterday — and I plan to do some housework. I hope also to sew and I sure as heck better get some reading done. I have a littel solo in church tomorrow, so I should learn it, and I have papers to grade.

Not the most frolicsome Saturday around. I had been thinking I would go back up to the mall near #1 daughter’s new place and get a haircut, shop at the Fresh Market, and hang out with her a bit, but #1 son has my car, so I will be working and cleaning. That’s that.