I started the day reading Healthy Deviant and indeed following a healthy deviant ritual practice by reading it in bed with a nice cup of tea. I had awakened at 1:21 worrying about a client, but I know I eventually got back to sleep because I remember waking up.

#1 daughter brought chicken biscuits for breakfast and she and the littles played around for a bit and then went to the Evil Palace of Books. There we played with the trains and picked out books. “Grandma, sit,” said the #1 Little. She wanted me to sit down on the bench by the train set with her and to quit looking at books.

In the afternoon, I settled in with Newport and knitted while watching The Heart Guy on Acorn. A patient described pain she’d been having, in her legs and bottom, and the doctor briskly said she had sacroiliitis.

Like anyone would know that.

So I am wondering if perhaps that might be what I’m suffering from. Both Google and Healthy Deviant say it’s all about inflammation. That means it’s seriously time to give up sugar, double down on vegetables, and ramp up exercise.

It can’t hurt.