#1 daughter and I had a good sales meeting yesterday. Sales meetings are always pleasant, actually. I can’t remember ever having an unpleasant sales meeting.

There we were, though: an old lady and a pregnant woman. The guy we were meeting was clearly taken aback. “We spoke on the phone,” I said, and he got flustered.

“About what?”

“Your website,” I said brightly. He readjusted and we had a good meeting.

We tend to avoid these meetings, or even the conversations that lead up to them. We think of ourselves as bad at sales, but really there are different kinds of sales. Meetings in which we tell people how we can help them and give them a comfortable opportunity to work with us — we’re good at those, even when people are suffering from cognitive dissonance from looking at us.

I am feeling convinced that we need to change our attitudes, or overcome our limiting beliefs, or something. But I’m also convinced that we can do this.

This post is sort of a reminder to me. I’ll come and read it when I get whiny about this part of my job.