I suffered a lot of anticipatory anxiety over the final test to rule out sarcoidosis. It began with a CT scan with contrast, which because of my kidney damage meant that I needed to spend six hours at the hospital with an IV. I’d had an appointment with an ENT the day before, so it was two medical appointments on two successive days.

I imagined I could work during that time, but actually the IV was so large and bulky that I couldn’t type. Instead, I read novels on my Kindle and a kind nurse brought me lunch. It was not so bad.

I asked about the results and was told that someone would call me.

There is one particular nurse involved in this who did call me the next day. She emailed the results — not the pictures but the notes — to me and told me not to worry if it was a while before the pulmonologist got hold of me. She also told me that he might want to do a lung biopsy.

It was a while. I spent that time worrying about sarcoidosis and lung biopsies. Oh, and going to the cancer center for an anemia treatment I refused. I almost cried.

At last they called and asked if I could come in that day. #1 daughter gave me a ride over there and I had a Pulmonary Function test. It was interesting and I did well.

The pulmonologist was jolly and did not insist on a biopsy although he said it would be fun — for him. Like a video game. I’d be anaesthetized.

It might show signs of sarcoidosis. However, if it didn’t, I might still have it. I’ve already had two CT scans, a chest X-ray, and a kidney biopsy.

We’re going to watch it and I’ll go back in six months.

The doctor showed me the CT scans, comparing the one from when I had pneumonia with the most recent one. There was a big difference. I didn’t see it immediately. He pointed out the fluid around my lungs, the swollen lymph nodes, and “the horrible pneumonia.” He spoke as though pneumonia is an object. Interesting.

My new one wasn’t bad. “Could the pneumonia be the cause of the scarring?” I asked.

He said there really wasn’t any scarring. It was a very bad case of pneumonia and I’ve recovered really well. The diagnosis was lymphadenopathy.

I am relieved, but by the time I got home my hands were shaking. I got back to work but had trouble with the computer keys.

I hope I’m through with all the testing.