“Satisfaction” was my Word of the Year for 2020. It turned out well, actually, because I’ve had the chance to see that I can be satisfied in difficult circumstances, with the limitations of the pandemic.

We’ve been lucky. We still have work and paychecks, we’ve been able to see our family, and since I’m an introvert I am not suffering as much as many people are.

I am experiencing health effects, I think, but I am feeling generally satisfied. I’ve been able to appreciate the good things and to avoid being bratty. (Brattiness, in case I’ve forgotten by the time I re-read this, has reached new and frightening levels this year.)

It’s the time of year now that I start thinking about goals for the new year. In the picture for this post you can see the worksheet I’m using to set my goals for 2021… mostly empty. Apart from health goals, which are increasingly urgent, I have a hard time even imagining 2021, let alone planning it.

At the top of the picture is the goals list I made for 2020. I’m trying to use those — many of which I didn’t achieve — as inspiration for 2021.

I’m tired of feeling like life is on pause, even though I have been able to feel satisfied this year.