We went down to the farmers market first thing yesterday morning and bought flowers for church — that pretty bouquet above — plus peaches, hot peppers, and onions. We have the most wonderful farmers market, and there was lots of music and people chatted with us and we saw many dogs and little children.

When we got back, my husband said that the dogs at the market had all been clean and nicely groomed, and that was how dogs should be. We washed Toby, but he is still an old and shabby sort of dog. He is, however, clean and fluffy, and no doubt he prefers that.

I also scrubbed the bathrooms and the kitchen, and tidied up the living room and bedroom. I then got on with Adiri. I may need to add more yarn to the knitting bag.


I kept getting notices from Fitbit, since I was in a competition with 8 or so people on a Weekend Warrior Challenge. Seeing that someone had drawn ahead of me by 16 steps, I’d get up and do a load of laundry to pull ahead again. I did Wii Fit Free Step in the evening when my husband went out, and finished up in second position behind #2 daughter, having met my 10,000 step goal for the day.

Basically, being nudged seems to work well for me, as evidenced by both the Fitbit and the Lift.