It is Flash Your Stash Day.

Unlike previous Flash days, I have a stash to flash.

Oh, I will never be one of those 330-skein gals, but I do actually have some yarn hanging around.

Here is my yarn in its cabinet.

You can sort of see all the Highland Wool which is becoming Erin, in its transparent boxes.

The binders to the right of the bins hold my needles — the purple one has needles in pencil pockets, and the print one is an interchangeable needle system. it was my grandmother’s, and I rarely use it. Maybe I should. To the left is a glimpse of my soapmaking supplies, with bottles of scents and a rack of molds.

And here is the cotton, exposed.

On the left, a bunch of Endless Summer yarns — the Luna for the two Jasmine sweaters, plus Connemara for the Bijoux Blouse I intend to make sometime.

On the right, Plymouth Stone Cotton.

And one of these boxes is clearly labelled “wool,” though it does not contain wool, just cotton. Does that mean that the cotton is in sheep’s clothing?