When I’m tired, I make bad decisions. I’ve been very tired lately, because I’ve been getting up at 4:00 a.m. with my husband. While his being at work at 5:00 seven days a week will certainly help us out with paying the taxes, it’s not great for getting sufficient sleep. Thus, by Friday I was sort of stumbling around in exhaustion.

This morning, I may go back to bed. Once I’m awake, it’s hard for me to go back to sleep, and if I do, then I feel groggy all day, so I may also wait till afternoon and have a nap.

Anyway, I know that when I’m tired, I’m not at my best. I’m likely to take offense, or get cross, or have my feelings hurt, or decide that birthday cake makes a good lunch.

So yesterday, I was writing a blog post on Facebook and e-commerce, and I ran into some examples: a florist, Sephora, and Victoria’s Secret seem to be the successful ones. I didn’t want to become a fan of the florist for some reason. I don’t know… they kind of seemed to be planning on sending me virtual flowers and stuff. Victoria’s Secret is all very well, but I don’t really want scantily clad women on my wall, either. I’d already had quite a bit of that with another of yesterday’s blog posts (a client did a website for a Brazilian bikini designer).

So I became a fan of Sephora. Immediately they offered me numerous free things. I clicked through on their offers, needing to see how they used Facebook in their e-commerce strategy — and then I saw it.

Well Rested.

When Janalisa and I went up to see #2 daughter, we strolled around the Plaza chatting with the guys at the Pottery Barn and trying all the scents at l’Occitane, and we ended up at one point in a makeup shop where the nice salesperson let us play with all her toys. One of us asked what to do about dark circles under the eyes (I think that’s how it happened — she might have brought it up herself, I guess, the way they do in Japanese makeup shops).

“Well rested,” said the salesperson.

I rolled my eyes. “Well, yes,” I said, in the tones of one who knew that was the solution, apart from the obvious impossibility of it. I mean, being well rested is clearly not just the solution for dark circles but for most of the world’s ills.

“It’s the name of the product,” she explained kindly. She pulled out the stuff and painted it on all three of us. We all looked remarkably well rested.

I didn’t buy it, though I did think about it, but then yesterday morning I saw it at the Sephora website.

In my exhausted state, I found it fascinating. My eyes were riveted to the photo, and when you consider that it’s a little box of powder, it’s somewhat astonishing that I found it riveting.

It seemed possible not only that you’d look well rested after using this stuff, but that you’d actually be well rested. Like some kind of magic energy source.

I ordered it. I put it on my work credit card, as though actually ordering something were an essential part of the research for the blog post. The profit on that blog post is nil. The product will not get my taxes paid. It probably won’t even solve my sleep deprivation issues.

In other news, the cleaner came yesterday, so my house is clean in between all the mess. I have mislaid my Kindle. I wish I could call it so it would ring and I’d find it. #2 son got the orientation leader job he applied for, as well as the Governor’s School RA position. I haven’t heard from the optometrist, so I guess no news is probably good news. And today is Community Clean Up Day, so I can take large things I want to throw away to the local elementary school for free.

I also need to pay my workers, clean my house, do some grocery shopping, and of course take a nap.