Saturday April 11, 2009

Today’s plans have two threads. First, I have to cook a clean a little, send thank you notes, deal with the garden, and generally get things settled for Easter.

Second, I have to relax a little.

I had a couple of performances yesterday, class, finished up the work for The Computer Guy. I still have a couple of clients with things hanging. 

One is the person who needs a design. And this is all I can do with Dreamweaver.

Well, of course, if the design is already done, I can have my way with the words. I can do anything with text.

But as far as design goes, all I can do is this flat 1980s stuff. For the modern style, you have to be able to make actual designs and then cut and code them and stick them together with great precision.

I do have a couple of actual designers, and I sent their estimates — ranging from $300 to $1200+– to the client, but haven’t heard back yet. I’ve never worked with either of them, but they’ve got to be better than me, right?

If I don’t get started, I will be shopping with the crowds at the grocery this morning.