Today — indeed, any minute now — I will be doing exhibitor work at the Early Childhood fair.

I don’t know whether you’ve ever done this. It involves sitting at a table for eight hours. Most of the time, there is no one there and you will be bored. Then there will be a great influx of people, all needing your attention at once and messing up your table. This alternation continues all day.

During the great influxes, your goal is to be deeply concerned about every single person you see, and to get your attention away from one and on to the next very fast, but without making the first one feel rejected.

During the boring stretches, your goal is to appear welcoming and interested in your table. After all, if you are bored, why would any of the punters bother coming over?

I have the customary lures: candy and prize drawing slips. And I have someone coming in the afternoon to hang out with me. This will help a lot.

I don’t know this woman at all well, but I like her, so this will be an opportunity to get to know her better.1

I am also taking my knitting. Socks are ideal for this kind of venture.They are little and you can pick them up and put them down easily. You can turn the heel during the dull parts.

There’s the sock in question.

I did the grocery shopping last night, at the time when I should have been having my picture taken for the church directory. I completely forgot, and I did not look at my calendar, because it was Friday night, my official Night Off when I officially don’t have to do anything.

Except, in this case, grocery shopping and packing up of the goods for the table, and having a picture taken, which of course I did not do at all. I feel bad about that, but there is nothing to be done about it now.

Off to the salt mines!