Happy Easter!







It is a gorgeous Easter morning. We did go to the pancake breakfast yesterday, and ordered in pizza for dinner, so all pretense of healthy eating was removed for the day. Only #1 son ventured to eat the famous deep-fried bacon, though.

We went to the farmer’s market, where we got  a job offer (me) and a social invitation (#2 daughter) and a chance to meet up with friends and to hear quite a lot of random music ranging from a plastic recorder to a virtuoso violin. We also bought this bouquet, and salad greens. When we came home, we colored eggs and baked a pineapple upside-down cake for today’s feast. #2 daughter assisted me with the necessary shopping, we did a bit more house and garden stuff, and then we enjoyed the day. It was the perfect temperature. Sometimes, when the air is soft and sweet with flowers and just the right temperature, just being in the air is a great sensual pleasure. It’s like swimming, except that you can also read and knit.

I have now made my customary holiday to-do list. I make sure everything is on it, and then whenever I see someone looking idle, I encourage him or her to check the list and pick something, until everything is checked off. Will this be one of the things that my kids will do themselves when they grow up, or one of the things about which they complain to therapists? Too early to say.

In any case, now while the house is still I will put Easter candy in baskets, get breakfast into the oven, and make three pies: key lime, fresh strawberry, and #2 son’s favorite possum pie. 

After a bit we will go to church, sing the Hallelujah chorus (of which Janalisa says, “You know, this is really good,” and she is right), and celebrate. My parents and my brother and his sweetheart are coming to lunch. Then we will put #2 daughter onto the bus for her trip back to school. The one thing lacking for complete perfection is #1 daughter and son in law, who are off in the Frozen North. However, this life does not offer perfection.