I made it to my destination, but not home yet, so I am not bragging yet. There certainly were times when I longed to stop the car, but none were so bad that being a truck stop waitress seemed preferable. This is a good thing, because actually truck stops are not littered as profusely about the landscape as you might think. If I need a Plan B in case I can’t get home (it doesn’t seem likely at the moment), it will have to feature farm labor.

The trip also included another Male-Female difference: definitions of being lost. I said we were lost when, having found highway 70 under construction and followed the signs to 40 instead, we ended up passing the Purgatory Tattoo Parlor and the Tool Box Lounge instead of the Quaint College Town. #2 son disagreed. We knew what road we were on and what town we were in, so we obviously weren’t lost. Pokey agreed with me and Dr. Drew with #2 son. No further surveying has yet been accomplished.

At the moment, I am in #2 daughter’s dorm room. I strongly recommend spending a weekend in a dorm room sometime, if you are normally a mom with household responsibilities. Everything is messy, no one has been fed, and it is totally Not My Problem. This is a vacation.

The recital was very good. Ten years from now, people will be saying, “Renee Fleming? Oh, yes, she’s good, but have you heard Chanthaboune?”

We had BBQ last night, outside in a courtyard with freight trains rumbling by, often just as Dr. Drew was explaining something fascinating about amino acids. Being a native, he was probably just irritated that he had to shout about amino acids, but #2 son and I found it very picturesque. “Look! The cars have coal or something in them!” I cooed. #2 son HAD to try out a revolving door, and both of us were all impressed with the lights. #2 son politely thanked the hot dog vendors who shouted at everyone heading to the Music Hall, and I tried to pretend I wasn’t petrified with fear on the freeway (fortunately, I was not driving). Our hosts were very kind, and not at all behaving as though they were mortified at our country bumpkin ways.

We saw the American Ballet Theater. We girls enjoyed it very much. The guys found it broadening; that’s all I will say about that.

No, there is no knitting content. My knitting is still in the trunk of the car. I intend to help #2 daughter with her T-shirt swatching today, and also play tourist here in the Quaint College Town, but that’s about it. I am beginning to feel strongly about the complete lack of cups of hot tea here in the morning. I wonder whether, if I went out in search of a cuppa, I would be able to get back in. Hmmm…