provencal runner 012 I brought home a bookshelf from the old store — well, That Man and my sons and I did, because it’s quite big.

#1 son painted the top for me. I may make a quilted panel for it… it has a company logo on it, you see. Otherwise, it is a nice bookscase, and adds something to our reading corner. The stability ball in the corner does, too, don’t you think?

I have never claimed to be a decorator.

Having this new shelf up made me think that I needed shelves in the new office space. I haven’t put up shelves in a while, so I went to look for information on the subject. (I have no idea, by the way, why this paragraph is in red and in a different font. Try to ignore it.)

Oddly enough, all the internet advice I found about putting up shelves was from the UK. One site said dismissively that “to put up a shelf in an American house it seems you just need a screwdriver and a spirit level.” Unofrtunately, they did not elucidate the simple American method.


It is different in England. There, they require more stuff.


Tools you will need:


masonry drill bit


power drill

screwdriver and screws

shelves, track and brackets

spirit level

tape measure

wall plugs (masonry walls only)


Perhaps you, like me, do not know what some of these things are. You can watch this video, which features a fellow with a really cute accent (Cockney, maybe? He says “barfroom”) who shows things and tells you their names.


He is doing something really complicated, though. I think I will go to the hardware store and find an American who knows the screwdriver method.

Not today, though. Today I have a conference to get to.