Today was a nice, normal day. #1 daughter arrived last night and we went out  to our town’s equivalent of Bourbon Street and strolled around checking the places I’m writing about as the “top 10 places to grab a beer.”

Not that we grabbed beers. We walked up and down the street, pausing briefly to allow a demonstration to pass–

It was “Take Back the Night” march, and I remember those from my youth. However, we always waited till dark to have them. Holding a “Take Back the Night” march in broad daylight seemed a little silly.

–and then we had Greek food and discussed #1’s love life and various philosophical points.

This morning I did 30 minutes of yoga with the Wii Fit. #1 daughter got up then and we did a tiny bit of work and then headed off to another of the burger joints.

Hardly a joint. A lovely restaurant that specializes in organic, local food, including humanely raised meat.

You can see #1 son’s burger above: buffalo burger with sauteed onion, pepper Jack cheese, and ancho peppers with sweet potato fries.

#1 daughter and I had pretty composed salads.

We discussed philosophy, rock festivals, float trips, and  crime.

#1 son headed off to work, #1 daughter went up to see her sister, and I came home with half of each salad in a carry-put box.

My husband ate #1 daughter’s remaining salad. It had grilled chicken and long curls of carrot.

Mine, which you see here, had fruit and nuts. For dinner, I added some chicken (Pampered Chef Pecan-Crusted Chicken with Sweet Mustard Dressing, to be precise) and leftovers from breakfast (Pecan-Apple Muffin and Hashbrown Casserole, in case you wanted to know that), and it made a delicious dinner.
Along in there, we had lots of rain. I cleaned the kitchen, hung out with my husband and read a light novel, and also finished redoing the collar of Salt Peanuts. 

I just picked up stitches all around it and knitted a bit more, shaping it with short rows as you do a sock.

You can see from the picture that it worked. You can also see that the sides are not alike.

This means I have to pull it out and do it over. However, that is better than having to frog the entire sweater. I’m not very given to accuracy, or else I would have noticed when I knitted it that it was all wonky.

My daughters are going, along with an old friend of theirs, to a rock concert.

This friend was featured in a YouTube that went viral, and we therefore know him as “Bat Boy.”

We are inclined toward nicknames at our house.

Partly this is because everybody we know seems to have roughly the same first names. Partly it’s because we blog, so we need to use aliases.

Partly it’s just habit.

So we know about Arkenboy and Scarf Boy and Extra Boy and Uganda Griddle, and there is no shame in being Bat Boy.

Bat Boy lives in the same city where #2 daughter lives. Once we were having a Pampered Chef party there (I think we made salad with grapefruit and avocado, and Faux-jitos) and it was just all these women and Bat Boy, and he handled it with aplomb. I figure a guy gets a lot of points for that.

I plan to spend the evening in some extremely normal way, too. My husband is hoping I’ll fold laundry. I may end up going ahead and pulling out the collar of salt peanuts, though. Usually I have to let knitting hang around for a while before I can stand to frog it and redo it, but that would be a relaxing way to spend the evening, wouldn’t it?

Very normal.