Here I am after a week as an unemployed person.4

I have a snazzy new resume, I’ve applied for enough things to have had one interview, and I’ve picked up a couple of little freelance jobs.

My goal for this weekend is to have a normal weekend off. For some value of normal. Basically, a weekend not spent scrolling obsessively through the want ads thinking “Assistant manager at The Gap… I could do that… Urban Forester… hmm.. I learn quickly. How hard could it be?”

I started off well last night. I turned in my freelance assignment (and the computer guy is especially great to work with because I can communicate with him via AIM rather than phone. I’ve actually never once had to call him) and then went right out and planted stuff. Refreshed by dabbling about in the mud, I got some knitting done.

Yesterday’s trip to the City Hall Basement to see the job postings took me past the local knitting shop, and they had pattern books from last season going for 50 cents apiece. So I was browsing through patterns and knitting and hardly ever thinking about being unemployed.

I am helped in my weekend goal by the fact that I have an extremely busy weekend coming up. First, the whole-day Handbell Clinic. I am going to this, rather than to all the extremely cool Earth Day events my town has going on (yes, we’re a bit late, but we were waiting for the weekend), even though I am the world’s worst handbell player. I have a sense of unreality about going to it. It is as though I were going to, I don’t know, a firefighter’s convention. I expect to be unmasked as an imposter. But I am going.

Directly after that I have tutoring to do, and if you think it is a little sad that I am spending Saturday night going over a French test, consider that my tutee is a teenage boy.

Tomorrow I am singing in two church services and then my family is going to lunch with my parents.

So I should have little time to brood.

In the course of what brooding I have done, though, I have thought about the fact that last year around this time my physical store — the one in my town, which I managed — closed, and I was worrying about it quite a bit. Rather than becoming unemployed right then, I learned new skills. Right now it is a bit stressful to be unemployed, but I could end up in a better position in the long run.