Saturday April 3, 2010

Here are the very delicious Citrus Bars I made for tomorrow’s celebration.

Having been informed that my sons would indeed expect Easter baskets in the morning, I went to Target and bought quantities of Easter candy, wondering at myself as I did so.

When I got home, #2 son had arrived. He and his brother set out after lunch for a climbing competition, where #1 son won the Advanced category and #2 son won the Grand Prize. This is #2 son’s third time to win the Grand Prize in the past four years. He gets new climbing shoes of his choice. #2 son was embarrassed to ask whether he would also get a prize, but it was cool that he won.

The extreme luckiness of my family continued, as #2 son got the coveted job of RA for Governor’s School this summer. He’s like a cat with two tails, he’s so excited.






2 responses to “Saturday April 3, 2010”

  1. ozarque Avatar

    Congratulations to both sons! And especially congratulations on the RA job! Way cool!