Not to brag or anything, but now I’m on the front page at myzip. Apparently xangans rock.

In the course of plying the Dark Art, I have become familiar with a whole bunch of blogging platforms.

Don’t ask. I could tell you, but then… you know the rest.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my experience of these things with you, and ask for yours in return. I have included xanga, which I probably shouldn’t. Since xanga is a social network for me, I probably can’t compare it properly with sites I’ve used just for sitebuilding. However, I would still have to say that this is one of the easiest hosts to get started with. I’m not including things like linkedin, facebook, and myspace, because I have only used them for their networking functions, and not for sitebuilding at all. My failure to include them is therefore not intended to show that they don’t deserve awards. I’m also not including site hosts that aren’t bloghosts. Have I included enough caveats?

Herewith, the awards:

By the way, after widespread experience with these and several more platforms, I have to say that Macs don’t work well with them. Often, you have to do the whole thing in HTML, can’t see the edges, get your pictures in odd places and your knickers in a twist, and find that great wodges of your work disappear when you try to save it. So a special award for

  • The least totally Mac-unfriendly: tripod

I can’t believe how long it has taken to prepare this not-so-interesting post. I hope you all come and comment about your favorite blog hosts and why you think xanga is cooler than spruz and how livejournal and blogspot are not either irritating, so that I will feel this has been worth it. For the record, I like xanga best as a community, and it is no surprise to me that we xangans are all over the myzip front page.4

I am not the only one having victorious accomplishments, as my son used to put it when he was a preschooler. #2 son has been accepted for Governor’s School, which was a great thrill for me, though he is being pretty blase about it. #1 son got a promotion and a raise at the sandwich shop, and asked me to make him a headband for work really fast. He felt that I should have finished it last night, actually, but I did not. However, it is sitting here in my “in basket” (the basket is imaginary, so you can only see the in) and I might finish it today.

However, it is also cleaning and errands day, and I hope to get some work done in the garden as well.

Enough of this idle persiflage, then. Enjoy your weekend!