8 I’ve been spending what little needlework time I’ve had working on the SWAP Part III, and mostly just knitting for the SWAP Part III.

But then #2 daughter mentioned that the baby shower she is hosting is on the 18th. And I remembered that I was making a baby sweater for the occasion.

I am using this pattern. I started this a long time ago — possibly when I first learned that the mom-to-be was expecting — and at some point I dropped it.

Once I started working on it again, I remembered why I had allowed this to languish in the UFO state. The yarn is unpleasant to work with. It splits. It slithers. It wrestles with you for control of the needles.

Nonetheless, when I expressed regret that I hadn’t gotten the sweater finished, #2 daughter suggested that I could still finish it in time, and maybe I can, if I use all available knitting time for it. It is a wee little sweater, after all.

I like to make something really tiny for a new baby. All my babies were eight pounds or more, and had nothing to wear that actually fit them at first. of course, they grow out of anything tiny very quickly, but if I make them something tiny, they can look soignee for those first few days till they grow into the things other people have given them.

We are very busy at work. Yesterday I got my lunch break at 3:00 and left the store about twenty minutes past closing time, and I was the first to leave. Today, we have all our workers scheduled. This means that we will have someone at each computer to check people out, someone to put things in sacks, someone to scurry around repairing the depredations to the stock, and still have a person available to help people with things like “I just got my first job. What do I need?” or “I was going to do monkeys, but the teacher next to me already did, so I want to return all these things and find something else. Can you help me?”

I think that if I start right now, I will be able to have breakfast and do my computer work and still get to the store on time. The grocery shopping will have to wait.