Last weekend, I said that since I had partied and conferenced all the previous weekend, it was imperative that I have a completely domestic weekend.

Instead, I went to the Big City for a long weekend and did nothing domestic. It is therefore absolutely imperative that I be domestic this weekend. I have a couple of hours of paid work to do, but otherwise, this is my list:

  • grocery shopping and similar errands
  • cleaning
  • cooking (putting things in the freezer)
  • baking
  • sewing (in order to stay on track for my travel wardrobe, I must complete one garment a week, so I need to do two this weekend)

I also have to do more stuff for the FAFSA verifications. Next year, I swear, all this stuff will be done early even if I have to hire people to do it for me.

All these things are more urgent because we are in the throes of Back to School. This is less a big deal now than it has been at times in the past. However, I’m taking an online class that begins next week, choir will be starting back up, the chorale ditto, and I have to get the classes I’m teaching online as well. A week from Monday is the first day of classes for me as a teacher and also for both my sons. I don’t have to pack their lunches, but I do have to get their financial arrangements completed.

So a clean house with food in it seems like a must.