The picture shows Salt Peanuts turning out completely wrong.

I’ll have to frog it clear back to the armscye shaping.

You know, back in the days when knitting patterns were written in a special code known only to experienced knitters, they might have been hard to read, but at least those of us who could read them always knew what was meant. Now, when people try to write their patterns in plain English, there’s a lot of guessing involved. Maybe they meant this… or that….hmm… I’ll try this… and they say to do this “about every four rows”… Irritating, really.

I was going to do some quilting this afternoon, but it is August in my subtropical state, and though it is cool for here, it really isn’t quilting weather.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a client I’m sharing with the The Computer Guy, and then a training with a client whose lovely site just went live, and then a phone meeting with the chocolatier, and then a phone interview with a Chinese man from Calgary. I don’t know quite why I find myself slightly surprised when I meet emigrants from China to places other than the U.S. It’s not as though I think we have a contract with China so that we should get all their emigrants. I don’t know. Anyway, I got the job, writing up a website and marketing materials for a company whose business is booming because of swine flu.

I have a couple other clients who should, I think, be jumping on the swine flu bandwagon, but the marketing possibilities of H1N1 don’t seem to appeal to them.

This morning I met with a local businesswoman who needs a website, and I got right to #1 daughter to have her draw up a proposal. How cool is that? I did my grocery shopping while she asked probing questions, and now I get to come home and knit while she does the proposal.

Or not knit, perhaps, but just pull out knitting and try to decipher the directions.