The book Geekspeak: Why Mathematics plus Life equals Happiness, which will be out in September, may be a real test of geekiness. After all, many opf us will not agree that our happiness depends on knowing the size of our personal vocabularies or the amount of space our country needs to bury its dead each year, let alone the speed of flatulence. But Tattersall tells us just how we can calculate these things with a fair degree of accuracy. Often, the means of calculating these things require him to give us tips on how not to alarm the neighbors while we do them. It is clear that Tattersall has actually done these things.

I’m enjoying the book a great deal. There are lots of numbers and equations, and I would guess that lots of people won’t enjoy the book because of them, however droll the humor and intriguing the ideas. Lots of us will enjoy it. and then there will be the few who will think it worthwhile to spend an afternoon calculating the weight of their heads. These are the geeky ones.

Janalisa and I had lunch together yesterday and caught up on all the interesting news. We went to Jason’s Deli, which my son tells me is a chain, so I’ll recoimmend it to you. They have lots of nice fruit and vegetables, and their food is tasty but hasn’t been messed around with much. They are conservation-minded and don’t include trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup in their foods. And yet they will still serve you a sandwich on a croissant, ice cream, and baked goods. I didn’t have dessert, but everything looked very good.

Today we will be off to a large meeting at an ungodly hour of the morning. As I write, I have the Pizza Carbonara for the occasion in the oven. This is very delicious, by the way. You take your pizza crust (accomplished with your bread machine overnight or bought pre-made) and slather it with Alfredo sauce, grated mozarella and Parmesan, spinach, and bacon. Bake it. Do not think about the saturated fat content while you eat it. 7

I have a lot of interesting things to think about over the weekend, two deadlines on Monday, and eight things on my Toggl. However, since I am on hiatus from my big client for whom I was doing twenty hours a week, I feel able to take long lunches, and I stopped early yesterday evening and made these earrings.

They may be a bit much for me. The leaves don’t seem to be doing anything leaflike, you know.

I intend, when I get home from today’s meeting, to do some sewing. Probably also laundry and groceries.

I am probably also going to play with Sketchup. Even if that is a geeky way to spend time on a weekend. I want the upcoming workshop to be wildly successful. But I am determined to have a sewing FO this weekend, in spite of it.