Once again the stupid dogs woke me up at 4:30 am (actually, 4:22, but who’s counting?). If I ignore them, they’ll wet on the floor, so I really don’t have an option. If you’d like a nice dog, for free, come and pick up one or more.

This was probably a good day to be awakened at 4:30, if there can be such a thing, because yesterday was the deadline for getting all my online classes up, and I’m not yet finished. The department chair said he’d be reviewing them this weekend, so if I finish them up in the next hour or two I’ll probably be okay.
However, I’m very torn, because yesterday my SWAP fabrics arrived. I had planned on making this year’s SWAP a stashbuster. I have all these nice fabrics I was given, and I didn’t want to spend money because I have thousands upon thousands in tuition to pay.

However, I didn’t actually have the fabrics I needed. I could have made eight jackets, for example, but no blouses. So I ordered some fabric from the excellent cheap online fabric store, Fashion Fabric Club.

They sent me a lovely flannel backed wool gabardine in teal for the three piece suit, a brighter teal lightweight Italian wool, a geometric print sateen for the two piece dress, a gorgeous Japanese silk print, a great stripe for a classic shirt, a rich brown wool for an additional jacket, and matching thread — all for under $100. It’s a bit of a pig in a poke since you can’t see or feel the fabrics before buying them, but my experience with them has generally been positive. Silk and wool at $5 a yard represent enough of a savings to make me forgive the occasional fabric that isn’t as great in person as it looked in its photo.

On the subject of online fabric stores, did you know that Fabric.com has free downloads from HotPatterns? I plan to make the knit top and the Sumatra bags. 004

Of course, that’s in my fantasy where I spend the weekend sewing, not in the real world where I spend it getting ready for classes. School starts on Monday, so it’s not as though I have a lot of leeway.

Breakfast. Classes. Then maybe sewing.

What I really should do is cut everything out. Then I can thread the sewing machine with teal and sew up major seams in teal whenever I have a bit of time. Then I switch to brown and do the same till the brown fabrics are finished. Then gray, I suppose, and finish it up. This would be the most efficient approach, probably. It doesn’t necessarily give the same kind of satisfaction as completing one item a week, but it might result in more finished projects in the long run.

I do have plum and burgundy knits which I think will provide a bit of a rest from the whole teal and brown color scheme. However, I think that having everything go together will be a plus while traveling.

In other news… No, that’s enough. I need to have breakfast and get my classes done. Also, the phrase reminded me of this week’s Big Bang Theory, in which the girlfriend of chief nerd Sheldon tells Penny, “Sheldon and I had sexual intercourse. In other news, I’m starting an herb garden.” The two are checking to see whether salacious gossip travels faster than more neutral gossip. They’re testing meme theory, and their outcome will surprise no one.

I have no salacious gossip to offer.