Here is the original owner of the DNA scarf, modeling it for us.

And a better picture of the cable design, again from the original designer. Or, if you want to see it in more detail, just grab your copy of Nature Genetics, because it is on the cover.

Here is the link for the pattern:

Double Helix Scarf

I  think this would look great in the green tweed yarn #2 daughter and I bought for her to make a cable scarf with. I’m going to make mine in Wedgewood blue.


And here is my sock thus far. It is slouching a bit — it is hard to get knitting to pose nicely for portraits sometimes. It is the Lacy Leaves stitch from an old Mon Tricot knitting dictionary. This is an invaluable book for me, not only because it has lots of nice stitch patterns, but because it shows the traditional top-down, one-piece construction for Aran sweaters. Some books would have you knit three separate tubes from the bottom up, and then cut the body at the armholes and do complicated putting together. But I have never believed in that. I think the knitters of old would have had more sense. Plus, many of them probably did not read, and might not even have known how to calculate percentages. Having no way to test this belief of mine, I still always prefer common-sense knitting to counter-intuitive methods that require accurate counting.