I’ve been tagged by Silkenshine.

Where was I …

10 Years Ago: a homeschooling stay at home mom living in the country.

5 Years Ago: driving my kids around to a million activities — so we moved into town.

1 Year Ago: a new xangan, but otherwise very little has changed. I’m pretty settled.

Yesterday: working, taking care of my family… did I already mention how settled I am?

5 Snacks I Enjoy: Schwan’s strawberry bars, Rye-Krisp and cheddar cheese, good chocolate — really, I am not supposed to snack.

5 Songs I Know All The Words To: Do I sound as though I’m bragging if I say I have a large repertoire? Let’s see… first five I think of: “Dancing in the Street,” “The Water is Wide,” “O Thou that Tellest Good Tidings to Zion,” “The Dragoon and the Lady,” “Verdi Prati.”

5 Things I Would Do With 100 Million Dollars: pay off debts, visit my eldest daughter, repair my car, give to Nelson Atkins and the Heifer Project, buy excessive numbers of books.

5 Places I Would Run Away To: Well, I can’t run away. I have children. But if I could, I would run away to the Riviera, San Francisco, Sausalito, New Orleans, or possibly Sonoma county. Do I get to keep the 100 Million Dollars? If not, then I would run away to the local national park.

5 Things I Would Never Wear: stiletto heels, metallic shoes of any kind, a poodle skirt, a push-up bra, thong panties.

5 Favorite TV Shows: The Thin Blue Line, Sensible Chic, Monk, Keeping Up Appearances.. that’s it. I can’t think of any others. I am ignorant on this subject.

5 Bad Habits: mislaying my glasses, speaking before thinking, speaking before listening, jumping to conclusions, giving unasked for advice.

5 Biggest Joys: that is exactly the number of people in my immediate family, besides me. There’s the answer.

5 Favorite Toys: I am going to take this one literally. My five favorite toys are Playmobil, Gertie balls, Erector sets, board games, and Slinkies.

5 Fictional Characters I Would Date if I were single: Lord Peter Wimsey, Roderick Allain, McGyvor (the fellow on TV, whose first name I have forgotten, but he would have to get a haircut first), Samuel Vimes, and Radcliffe Emerson.

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