Here is Smiling Tiger talking about different interpretations of the phrase “Yarn Ho.” I am a member of the excellent blogring of that name, but I cannot claim to want to be known as a “ho” of any variety. I am a mom, after all. I have to have translations if I inadvertently see something on MTV as I pass through the room.

Smiling Tiger and readers say that some people understand it to be “Yarn, ho!” as in “Land, ho!” I like that. You can imagine yourself to be an intrepid explorer or swashbuckling pirate, whose sharp eyes sight the delectable fibers and sail right for them in your red-sailed ship — rather than someone trolling on street corners for just one more skein.

My LYS is having a “huge sale” today, which I plan to skip. In the first place, of course, I have to come up with #2 daughter’s tuition and both sons’ lab fees, not to mention enough food to feed my insatiable boys, so I have no business buying yarn. In the second place, I have the yarn already for my DNA scarf, and am planning a Fair Isle sweater for my next project — and the ladies at the LYS already told me they would call when the yarn for that arrived, which it has not done — so I clearly do not NEED any yarn. I even have one skein that I have no current plans for, so there is some sense in which I actually have a stash. And there is that quilt, and a crochet bedspread, and a couple of sewing projects, and my socks, and the third clog, the yarn for which has also not arrived. And of course I have a job. And madrigals to learn.

But the main reason I am planning to resist the temptation to attend the sale is that yarn sales are never what you imagine they will be. I am thinking of half off on Desert Garden and Brilla, real steals on Lamb’s Pride and silk blends, but in truth it will be 10% off  the basics and big cuts on the novelty yarn that I never wanted in the first place. Half off will be for the lone skeins of cotton. So I will leave it to the bargain hunters, the swashbucklers who have real stashes. I will resist the temptation. Do you believe me?

my stash 😉