LaBella and I went with another friend to the recital of my old voice teacher and the church organist. The organist is fantastic, both on the organ and the piano, which is what he was playing. The voice teacher is my old voice teacher in the sense that it’s been twenty years since I studied with her, but also in simply being an old lady. Her voice sounded old, too, but I hope I can sing that well when I’m that old.

She sang “Come Away, Death” twice, with two different settings. LaBella thinks she was making a point.

It was a nice recital, and they had a standing ovation.

#2 daughter and I also went to put a deposit on an apartment for her. It’ very nice, with an office and a balcony and a walk-in closet, and the complex has a “business center” and conference rooms.

Today is going to be a work day for me, and I also have lots of housework to do. It’s a lovely day, though.