Dutchman’s Puzzle

I’ve finished half the Dutchman’s Puzzle blocks, so I thought I’d play around with them a bit and decide on a setting.

The pattern puts all the blocks together with no sashing:

I decided that this was too wiggly-looking, and that sashing would be needed.

Initially I had planned to use the same solid-colored fabric for the sashing that’s in the blocks:

However, this made the pinwheels stand out against a solid backing, and was still rather wiggly.
So I thought about this dark peach:

But that seemed like too much contrast, and too much brightness with the reds. It’s kind of a nice retro-kitchen look, but I wanted a pale, low contrast sugary look.

So I went with  a filigree pattern using the same shade of pink, plus white:

I actually sewed two rows. They have some duplicates, so I’m not sewing them together, but I laid them out to get the effect.

I think I’ll like it a lot. Each row has five completely different squares, though they are the same ones in each row, if you see what I mean. I can put one near the top of the quilt and one near the bottom.

Sashing is always sort of an issue for me, since it requires a level of accuracy that just isn’t available to me, but I’m going to try hard and be prepared to tear out mistakes. I could have this sandwiched and ready to quilt by the time it gets cold. I could then still have it sandwiched and ready to quilt two years later, but that’s another story.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the HGP, the Holiday Grand Plan. It’s an online to-do list, basically, which you follow for the semester leading up to Christmas. By doing a little cleaning, baking, crafting, and shopping each week, you can be completely ready for the holidays with minimal stress. For years, I followed this plan with success, having a serene Christmas while all the women around me lost their minds.

Last year, I don’t think I did it at all. I believe that we did celebrate Christmas last year, and I’m fairly sure that I gave people things but I don’t remember it very clearly.

Things were a little out of hand last year, actually. I lost my job last spring, spent a long time job-hunting before settling into freelance work and part-time teaching, had kids come and go. Things were a little abnormal. This year I’m striving for normal.

Today I plan to clean house, work on my quilt, maybe loll around a bit and read. I ought to get checks in the mail that will bring my bank account up to the level it needs to be at when my son’s tuition bank draft gets there. I’m hoping not to do much work, but of course I have to do some. Mostly Saturday plans, though.