#2 daughter arrived home safely. She and #2 son and I watched TV and ate popcorn and popcorn chicken and ice cream. The idea is to feed #2 daughter up while not actually ending up completely ignoring my own healthy eating rules. I have a 7:00 am appointment to pick up a birthday cake and have agreed to get doughnuts at the same time, and tomorrow we will be meeting the extended family at a local BBQ place, so you can see how well that is going already.

My husband is out with my car. He is attending a wake for a family from his country who lost their son to a drug overdose. The young man was stopped by the police while carrying drugs, hid them in his mouth, and died. If I fret over my children, or over the possibility that my husband will not be back with my car in time for me to make that 7:00 a.m. appointment, it is because I have not had to deal with a tragedy like theirs, and I should just quit it.

#1 son is camping with this college girl he has been hanging out with and, he claims, her father. We had the first rain in weeks last night, along with thunder and lightning.

So I didn’t sleep much last night. As I explained to #1 daughter, the part of my brain that is in charge of whether or not I can sleep is not the rational part with lots of perspective. It is the part that can’t settle down until everyone is home.

Last night, my husband was trying to convince #2 daughter to move home. He told her she could break her lease. There was a lot of drama in his explanation of how she could do this, and it was in fact embellished with stories about people who had filed for bankruptcy and then bought cars and houses in spite of that. The connection with #2 daughter’s situation is not clear to me. He was pronouncing “bankruptcy” incorrectly throughout, and #2 daughter was getting that “Oh, my crazy foreign Daddy is giving me one of those weird lectures again…” look. I looked down at my knitting the entire time. There is no way I can help in these situations.

Today is slated for laziness. Emboldened by the kind offers of help with my sewing, I picked up the book Easy, Easier, Easiest Tailoring by Palmer and Pletsch. There is a new edition of this book coming out next month, with color photos and a price 2.5 times that of the little paperback I have. This may mean that you should grab a copy of this edition before it is too late, or it may mean that you should wait and invest in the fancier version. Depends on you. But if you are interested in making jackets and other tailored garments, this is the clearest book I have seen. It also has the advantage of giving several different ways to do each of the steps involved, from the traditional couture method to quick, modern methods involving glue and very little handsewing. They give time estimates for each method, and explain the pros and cons of each approach for different circumstances.

They recommend trying out the methods with a tailored skirt or vest before embarking on a jacket or pants, and I may do that today. There will definitely be further knitting and reading, and probably lots of conversation. There may be cleaning and grocery shopping, but I make no promises.