Fortunately for my knitting, I have recuperated from my attack of stress and returned to my usual placidity. Here  is Brooklyn, with the left front growing to match the back (folded).

And I won a prize! Over at Knitting Psychos, there was a contest for organizing knitting tools. I shared my method of organizing knitting needles with them. I put them in pencil pouches in a binder, sorted by size. This works for me because I don’t use very long straight needles. I especially like this because it keeps the different forms of each size together, so you can easily have access to circulars followed by dpns, or different lengths. I used those plastic pencil pouches you can easily find at this time of year, and wrote the size numbers directly on them.

And for this Manda is sending me the new Interweave Knits! I am childishly excited about this. If you click on that link, you will also find some free online patterns, including a stunning pair of gloves. If you, like me, have been admiring Poetry in Stitches but balking at the $40 price, you will want a copy of the colorwork chart for these gloves. It is very much in the style of Poetry in Stitches.

Further excitement chez fibermom is the completion of #2 daughter’s tie skirt. You will doubtless by now have noticed that my fall fashion prediction was correct — romantic looks are on the runways and in the fashion mags. If you are not a Victorian or Gypsy kind of girl in style, but would still like a twirly skirt, you could do worse than make yourself one of these. If you are a girl at all, of course. Guys could do a waistcoat in the same way. I don’t know what the fashion is for guys this season, though, except that pants on high school guys are still being worn with 6″ of boxers showing at the top. So I guess you have to choose your boxers very carefully.

Today #2 daughter and I are heading out on the usual round of things — farmers’ market, meat market, co-operative — plus haircuts. I intend to take my knitting to the hairdresser. Assuming that Toby the dog will give it up. He looks pretty comfortable here with his knitting and his mp3 player, doesn’t he?

I also have hopes of getting in some work on my Windblown Squares quilt. I may also have to break down and buy a new box of stitch markers in order to make a new start on the Lotus shawl. What’s that? I could just clean the house and probably would find the old ones? Well, yes, but you know it is August.