The kids left yesterday, so we now have only three people in our house. This will take some adjustment.
The site that I’ve been fretting over is launched, and the newest one has its contract signed and deposit paid. This is perfect. I’m hoping #1 daughter, as Project Manager, can keep things going like that.

I have a long list of domestic stuff to do today. I also have a new odesk client who said last night that he would be needing 4-5k words from me today and would send over a document. Hasn’t happened yet, but it might, so I guess I can’t just close my office door and ignore the computer, which I was sort of imagining doing.

The computer is in the West bedroom now, so I could do that. I’ve updated my website and answered my email this morning, and have sausage cooking for my husband right now.

This is not a perfect workspace yet., of course.

For one thing, this is the view out the window.

I really like to be able to look out the window while I work. Or while thinking, when I work.

I may need to move the CPU. On the other hand, #1 daughter, who is highly insightful, says that if I have a flat student desk like this one, I’ll make stacks of things. She thinks I need to bring in one of the computer desks with cubbyholes. She may be right.

There are currently two desks in our living room with no computers. We need to remove them. It was bad enough when they had computers on them. Then our living room looked like the lair of a computer guy. Now it looks pointless.

I do like the light in this room.

Some decorating is in order, or furniture movement or something. Also I need to quilt and bind this quilt, which is quite a marvelous quilt and deserves something better than to be sitting around with safety pins in it for years and years.

There is also back to school preparation to be done. We need to buy paper and stuff. I need to find out where my classes are being held and when they start, and I have to get my online class ready. School may begin soon, for all I know.

I also have to figure out how to feed only three people. It’s grocery day, and I’m at a loss. What are you supposed to buy when you only have three people to feed? Just less of the same things?

Hard to believe I’m finding this confusing, I know.