“Past 3:00” has been a good song for the whole week, first because the mornings have been frosty, and second because I haven’t been sleeping well, so I’m often up at just past 3:00. I’m prone to insomnia. It’s an early warning sign of stress for me.

However, things are going very well right now. I’m still having trouble sleeping, but I want to offer you a completely different song today: Rejoice and Be Merry. You can watch it at that link, with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Kings Singers, and dancers, and start your day off very merrily. It comes from Dorset, which doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, but it’s danceable and really could rang from stately to frisky, depending on your mood.

#1 daughter and I met yesterday with another larger company — or rather a small group of people with a bunch of well-funded start-ups adding up to a nice job for us. We have lots of work and feel fairly sanguine about being able to pay the boys’ tuition. We’re hiring a little bit of help so I can focus on the stuff that’s most fun and we can be a bit more profitable. In fact, we went Christmas shopping.

Stage 2 shoppers are still out, so it wasn’t too bad to shop, and the young woman who checked us out at the store (yes, one store) told us happily that she was going home for Christmas, so it was pleasant. #1 daughter then went out with friends, but #1 son came over for pizza when he got off work and #1 daughter returned while he was still there. We discussed shopping and presents.

I was able to do quite a bit of my shopping at handcraft markets this year, and I plan — once I get my work finished up and papers graded — to focus this weekend on making presents. It is December 10th, the HGP deadline on which we are supposed to put away all handmade gifts so we don’t get crazed. I see their point, but I’m going to stretch said point just a little.

Tomorrow is our big music in church, so I’ll also be practicing Bach’s Christmas cantata, and I’m reading Mark Schweizer’s The Christmas Cantata on my Kindle. Schweizer’s “liturgical mysteries” are fun for church musicians, and this one is (so far) less goofy and over the top than the others, so it might be a good one for non-musicians, too.

In any case, with the shopping finished and the decorations out and plenty of work to do next week, I’m ready to be festive. As soon as I finish grading those papers, which is what I shall do right now.